Welcome to, Robo-Sonic, Tech- Expo Sponsors, Istanbul/Turkey, A Schedule Technology Plate Form for the Engineering Students. Every Year will take place in April 21-29/2024,


To all Business Brands in all over the world.

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Types of Sponsorship:

1- Proposed Sponsorship: This kind of sponsorship consists of the proposed sponsor panel which receives sponsorship invitation letters through e.mails.

2- Luminous Sponsorship:

This type of sponsorship is an open offer to all Business Brands. Companies, States, Organizations, Foundations, and all the Corporate sector, Because of deficiency of time, Proposed Sponsor invitations are impossible to forward Globally. So Through Luminous Sponsor Proposal, Sponsee gives an opportunity to global platforms.


Duckstairs Events Global

 History of Sponsorship is based on three developmental Levels.

1- Sports Events Sponsorship Era.(330, BCE)

2- Cooperative Exploded Era. 80s to 90s.

3- Marketing Strategy As Content Marketing Element for the last two decades.

Duckstairs Events

In early times development sponsors were part of games. The explosion of Corporative sponsorship happens in the decade of the 80s to 90s. While recently, Marketing strategy as a Content part of Marketing.

 History of Sponsorship is based on three developmental Levels.


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